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Onboarding with Style: Tips for Creating an Employee Handbook or Playbook

An important part of any onboarding process is ensuring that the new employees spend some time learning about the organization, including the vision, mission, values, and how the organization is structured.

Many organizations develop an Employee Handbook or Playbook to do just that. Unfortunately, these Handbooks are often very long manuals that can be painful to read, when they don’t have to be.

Do not be afraid to get creative. For example, some organizations have used gamification during their onboarding process, so that new hires can meet people across the organization and at the same time learn about the organization’s culture. Other organizations have used scavenger hunts so that new hires can learn about all aspects of the organization. The use of videos is another effective way that you can share information on your organization. In addition, the employee handbook can also be created in such a way that is it is visually appealing and interactive.

Regardless of how you choose to communicate this information, it is a good idea to start by providing an overview of the history of the organization and then the mission, vision, and values.

You will want to explain:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What does success for the organization look like?
  • What is the culture of the organization?
  • How is the organization structured?
  • Who are the teams?

For more tips, please check out our Onboarding Toolkit

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