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Tips for Asking for and Receiving Feedback

Asking for feedback is just as important as giving feedback. It is a great way for you to understand your strengths and identify areas that may need development.

You can ask your manager, peers, colleagues/co-workers, or people in other teams that you collaborate with to get the job done.

How to Ask for Feedback

When asking for feedback, it is a good idea to:

  • Let the other person know that you would like feedback ahead of time so that they can prepare.
  • Ask the person for specific feedback on a task. Refer to your competency profile and the specific behaviours and ask how well they think you displayed that behaviour.
  • Ask the person to provide a specific example using the STAR method:
    • Situation – The who, what, where, or details of the situation.
    • Task – Expectations in terms of behaviours or tasks.
    • Action – The action that the person took or how they responded to the situation.
    • Result – The impact or outcome of the action taken.
  • You can ask follow-up questions such as:
    • What do you think I did well?
    • What do you think I could do differently in the future?
    • Why do you think I experienced an issue with…?

How to Receive Feedback

When receiving feedback, it is important to reflect on the feedback before reacting or deciding how to respond. Try your best to focus on listening to the feedback and at the same time try to be aware of your own emotions. It is best to try to keep an open mind and try to identify the next steps in terms of the feedback. For example, can you use this feedback to help you build on a specific skill or competency? Also, don’t forget to thank the person for their feedback.

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