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To Infinity and Beyond: Measures for Determining the Success of Your Competency Project

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage. Much like any other HR project, you will want to consider the different ways you can evaluate your competency initiative and what measures you will use.

You can use the table below to help you identify measures when using competencies for each HR application from selection to succession planning. Let’s walk through an example, using competencies for selection in order to make better hiring decisions.

Type of Evaluation What it Shows Why it is Helpful Sample Measures
  • How well is your initiative working?

  • Is your initiative accessible to the intended audience?

  • Are they using it?

  • Does the process work?
  • Allows you to monitor how well your initiative is working or being implemented.

  • Helps you identify areas that you can improve how you implement competencies into your process.

  • % of hiring managers trained to use competencies in interviews.

  • Time to fill a position.

  • Cost per hire.

  • Manager's time per hire.

  • Manager's perceptions of ease of use of the interview tools. What do they like? What do they find challenging?

  • Outcomes and Impact
  • Is your initiative having the desired effect on the employees and/or business?
  • Tells you if your competency initiative is meeting your goals and objectives.

  • For instance, is your initiative helping you to make better hiring decisions and hire quality candidates?

  • Employee satisfaction.

  • Intention to stay.

  • Speed to full contribution (productivity).

  • Number of orders filled or service calls made.

  • Rating against the competencies.