Course Offerings

Online Interview Training for Hiring Managers

Why You Should Take It

This training program contains six online courses that can be completed in about 2 hours. Hiring managers learn about different interview questions, how to reduce interview bias, and how to conduct a behavioural interview. They will learn how to ensure a positive candidate experience and navigate common interview challenges.

Who Should Attend

Managers and HR Professionals who want to learn best practices for conducting a behavioural interview.

What You Will Learn

The benefits of a behavioural interview.

The 5 features of an effective interview.

How to identify behavioural interview questions and rating scales to assess critical job requirements.

How to detect and combat common interview biases.

How to ensure a positive candidate experience.

Tips and strategies for how to navigate common interview challenges.

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In-Person Interview Training

Why You Should Take It

This half-day interview training will provide your hiring managers with all the tools and skills needed to conduct a structured interview. The best way to learn is by doing, so a large portion of the interview training will be spent practicing these newly acquired interview skills. Interview training participants will leave with the skills and confidence needed to conduct an effective structured interview. We will also provide you with a one-hour coaching session after the workshop to address any challenges you may face in implementing these new skills.

Who Should Attend

Managers and HR Professionals who want to learn best practices for conducting a structured interview.

What You Will Learn

Why structured interviewing is the most objective form of interviewing.

The main biases to look out for when interviewing.

How to ask effective and non-leading follow-up questions.

How to overcome challenging situations during the interview.

How to rate responses for each question and the overall interview.

Hands on practice, to ensure participants leave the training with all the skills needed to conduct a structured interview.

Competency Implementation Bootcamp

Why You Should Take It

During this competency training, you will learn how to apply our proven methodology to manage and implement your own competency project. Integrating competencies into your talent management programs (e.g., hiring, learning and development, career pathing) can help you to hire, engage, and retain your best people. We will help you to identify your competency project goals and leave you with an implementation plan, tools, and framework to manage your specific project. After the competency training, we will provide you with a 1-hr coaching package to address all your specific needs.

Who Should Attend

HR professionals and managers who are responsible for integrating competencies into their organization’s HR applications.

What You Will Learn

Assess your organization’s competency maturity and change readiness .

Define future state vision for integrating competencies into HR applications .

Create an implementation plan for implementing competencies into an HR application .

Explore how to manage your competency initiative .

Leave with plan, tools and framework to get you there.

Free 30-minute Masterclass on Reducing Interview Bias

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