Hiring Check-Up

What is the Hiring Check-Up?

The Hiring Check-up is a proven process for HR and hiring professionals to identify and reduce bias from their recruitment and hiring practices. We will conduct a hiring audit of your current process and make recommendations for how to increase the effectiveness, equity, diversity, and inclusion of your recruitment and hiring practices.

Why should you invest in the Hiring Check-Up?

Increase diversity and inclusion: Hire for diversity using fair and inclusive recruitment and hiring practices.

Make better hiring decisions: Increase your success rate for identifying and hiring your best candidates.

Reduce cost and time to hire: Stop spending time and money on recruitment and hiring practices that may be inefficient and out of date.

Greater hiring manager satisfaction: A well-defined process makes it easier for the hiring managers to use it and makes them feel more confident in the hiring decisions.

Increase engagement and lower turnover: A fair, diverse, and inclusive workplace is one where people are engaged and want to work. This starts with your recruitment and hiring.

Make hiring transparent and open to all: Remove bias from your recruitment and hiring practices.

Increase innovation and productivity: Hiring a diverse workforce supports performance, creativity, and innovation.

Learn how to combat common interview biases to make better and more inclusive hiring decisions. Get the free guide now!

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