Skills Finder Method

What is the Skills Finder Method?

The Skills Finder Method is a proven process for HR professionals to define the skills or competencies required for successful performance across all jobs, in a systematic and measurable way. Our method provides you with a competency model that helps save you time and gets rid of the frustrations of doing it in-house. We will help you to integrate these skills or competencies into your talent management solutions (e.g., hiring, L&D, career development).

Why should you invest in the Skills Finder Method?

Create a common language: Describing jobs in a measurable and observable way, using competency models, helps everyone to have a clear picture of what successful performance looks like.

Give your organizational values meaning: Core competencies can be a way to bring your organizational values to life, give them meaning, and make them observable and measurable.

Increase engagement and retention: Employees can assess their strengths and developmental needs in terms of their current role and roles they aspire to move into. This helps to engage and retain your top talent.

Upskill and reskill your employees: Employees can identify skill or competency gaps and opportunities for growth.

Make more objective decisions: Recruitment, hiring, and promotion decisions are made more objective when you use competency models to define the job requirements in a systematic way.

Grow revenue and keep customers: By creating clear expectations for performance, you can help your employees reach their performance targets, grow your business, and achieve the best results.

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