Meet the team

Dan van der Werf

Dan van der Werf, Ph.D

Principal Consultant

Dan van der Werf is a principal consultant at Perennial Talent, where he provides clients with the knowledge and tools required to create a strong bench of talent and ensure they have a winning team year after year. He has experience conducting different forms of job analyses to develop job descriptions, competency profiles, and selection tools. He has helped organizations identify talent requirements from entry level draft picks to senior level veterans to ensure they select the best rookies and retain their best all-stars. Dan has developed numerous technical competencies for occupations in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, sales, IT, telecommunications, cybersecurity, and data analytics. He has helped clients improve their playbook and apply competency frameworks to HR processes such as hiring and career development. He has also developed and delivered custom training on topics such as competency-based management, structured interviewing, and train-the-trainer workshops. Dan believes in the importance of helping our clients to be game ready and never drop the ball. Dan has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Guelph. Outside of work, he enjoys cheering for the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings. Go Lions Go!

Andrea Butler, Ph.D

Principal Consultant

Andrea Butler is a principal consultant at Perennial Talent, where she guides our clients on how to define their world of work and hit the ball out of the park. She has developed over 100 technical competencies and more than a dozen National Occupational Standards. Andrea knows that if you build it, they will come. She has been dubbed the “subject matter expert whisperer” as she never strikes out and is able to facilitate any interview or focus group. She has numerous years of experience providing strategic advice to clients across a variety of industries and areas. These include banking, manufacturing, agriculture, sales and marketing, supply chain management, data and analytics, and finance to name a few. She has helped clients to hit for the cycle and develop competency frameworks and implement them into their HR practices. Andrea has conducted audits of clients’ talent management programs (e.g., hiring, career development, performance management) to ensure that their hitters keep their eye on the ball. She has also developed and delivered courses on talent management. Andrea believes in the importance of helping our clients to step up to the plate and run the bases. Outside of the office, Andrea loves to cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays. Go Jays Go!

Andrea Butler