Core Competencies

How to Use Core Competencies

Core competencies can be used to translate your company’s values into observable and measurable expectations. You can use core competencies to assess job candidates against your company’s values when making hiring decisions. You can include them in your performance reviews. You can even use them as a guidepost in your learning and development program.


Competency Framework

Why Do Competency Projects Fail?

They Lack a Competency Framework

The number one reason competency projects fail is that people rush to start creating competency profiles for their jobs. They don’t spend the time developing a competency framework or roadmap that they can apply across the entire organization.


Intervirew Bias

How to Reduce Interview Bias

One of the most important decisions you will make as a hiring manager is who to hire. The cost of a bad hire adds up and can be as much as 3.5 times the annual salary for the position that you are trying to hire for. One of the most common tools used in the hiring process is the interview. Unfortunately, many interview processes are full of interview biases that can lead to bad hires, an unfair hiring process, and a lack of diversity in your organization. With over 180+ cognitive biases out there, it can be a real challenge to figure out where to start and how to reduce the impact of interview bias when hiring.


Structured Interview: How to Hire the Best Talent

One of the most used hiring tools is the interview. The best type of interview is a structured interview, where candidates are asked the same questions in the same order that are scored using a standard rating scale. Information collected through a structured interview can help you to make reliable, valid, and legally defensible hiring decisions.