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Core Competencies: Using Competencies to Determine Fit When Hiring

The new realities of work are making it much more possible for organizations to hire candidates based on how well their skills and competencies match the job without placing limits on where the candidate lives. As organizations look to the future and try to become more agile or innovative, it is important for them to ensure that their people have the competencies that not only match the job but also match the organization’s culture, mission, vision, and values.


Testing and Assessment

Getting the Right Candidate in the Right Job: the Do’s and Don’ts of Selection Tests

Deciding who to hire can be a stressful task, especially since the consequences of making a bad decision can be costly. Traditionally, companies have relied on resumes, interviews and reference checks to select a candidate, but these can be subjective, open to personal biases, and may not address the core requirements that are key to successful job performance.