Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting is often the first step in any learning and development or performance management program. When goals are set correctly, they can help employees see how their own work contributes to the broader organization, keep employees focused on what matters, and motivate employees to reach their objectives.


How to Reduce Bias in Performance Reviews

Whether you are using an interview to evaluate the potential fit of a person for a job or using an assessment to rate someone’s performance in their current job, it is important to ensure that all raters are aware of the common errors people make when evaluating people’s performance.


How to Give Feedback

5 Tips for Providing Performance Feedback

Providing feedback to others allows someone to recognize what they have done well or what they can improve upon. By providing feedback you can help reinforce positive behaviour so that the person will continue the behaviour and become more confident while doing so. Feedback can also help others to identify actions or behaviours that can be improved and recommendations for how best to develop and to grow.