Core Competencies

How to Use Core Competencies

Core competencies can be used to translate your company’s values into observable and measurable expectations. You can use core competencies to assess job candidates against your company’s values when making hiring decisions. You can include them in your performance reviews. You can even use them as a guidepost in your learning and development program.

Let’s explore 3 ways to use Core Competencies…

Using Core Competencies for Hiring

Tip: Use interview questions tied to core competencies.

Behavioural-based interview questions allow you to measure how well someone’s past behaviours predict whether they will behave in ways consistent with your company’s values and culture.

Using Core Competencies for Performance

Tip: Measure people’s performance against the core competencies.

You and your employees can assess yourselves against the behaviours described in the core competencies. You can even make this part of your performance review. Because if the company is going to foster a culture that lives up to the company’s values, then you need to link your company values to performance. Core Competencies become that link.

Using Core Competencies for Learning and Development

Tip: Map learning resources to your core competencies.

By assessing themselves against the core competencies, employees can identify areas in need of development and areas of strength. By mapping learning resources (e.g., eLearning courses, stretch assignments) to your core competencies, employees can find ideas for how best to grow or develop a particular competency.

Core competencies can be a way to bring your company’s values to life, give them meaning, and make them observable and measurable. Don’t wait to start using them to:

  • Make better hiring decisions.
  • Reinforce behaviours and performance consistent with your core values.
  • Guide your learning and development.