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Customized End-to-End Talent Management Services


Our talent management services apply to multiple HR applications which makes them scalable and easier to communicate to your various stakeholders. We can customize existing content or develop new content for you to make sure that it resonates with you and your people because if it doesn’t resonate no one will want to use it. For every service we offer, we will help you measure the success of your projects against your desired goals.

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Competency Models

Need help developing competency models and profiles? We can help you define the competencies needed for someone to succeed in a job. We have experience creating competency models and profiles for jobs in a variety of industries.

National Occupational Standards

Need help creating National Occupational Standards (NOS)? We can help you define the tasks, skills, abilities, knowledge, competencies, and other factors needed for someone to succeed in an occupation. We have experience creating NOS for occupations in a variety of industries. Describing occupations in an observable and systematic way can become the foundation for your entire talent lifecycle: from selection to learning and development, career development, and performance management.


Need help defining your jobs? We can help you define the skills, abilities, knowledge, competencies, and other factors needed for someone to succeed in a job. We have experience creating job descriptions for jobs in a variety of industries.

Selection and Hiring

One of the most important HR decisions an organization can make is how to select and hire the right candidate for the right job. We will work with you to ensure that your hiring criteria are linked to actual on-the-job performance. We can review your existing hiring process to identify ways you can optimize it using the right tools, interview questions, and tests. We can also help you to design, develop, implement, and manage an end-to-end hiring process.

Learning & Development

We treat performance evaluation and learning & development as an ongoing process rather than a single event. When employees and their managers clearly understand the skills, abilities, knowledge, and competencies required for their role, it makes performance discussions easier and more effective. We can provide you with tools and strategies (e.g., multi-source feedback, goal setting, coaching) to meet all your performance evaluation and L&D needs.

HR Practices and Processes Audit

How do you know that your HR processes and tools are working for you? Let us analyze and review your HR processes and tools to ensure they are delivering the results you are looking for. We will use our extensive knowledge of best practices to make recommendations to optimize your HR practices.

Assessment and Evaluation

How do you know if your employees have the right knowledge, skills and abilities to do their job? We develop a variety of custom-made assessments ranging from pre-employment screening tests to assessments used for identifying learning needs. Our goal is to ensure that the people you hire and train have the right skills to succeed.

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  Toronto: 647-884-0882