Applying Skills and Competencies to Recruitment and Onboarding – with Jelena Radecki

In this episode, Andrea Butler interviews Jelena Radecki about applying skills and competencies to recruitment and onboarding.

Jelena has 8 years of experience in Human Resources. Her main focus is on the development of internal programs that support the needs of the employees, while also building an internal culture that engages and promotes personal and professional growth amongst every member of the organization. Some of these programs include onboarding, benefits, holistic wellness (including mental, physical wellbeing), and learning & development to ensure that employees thrive in an environment that supports their overall wellbeing. Jelena supports the overall business by connecting with leaders and employees in understanding their unique work environment and helping address the existing needs of the workplace (as each workplace is different). She has an undergraduate degree in psychology, with a post-graduate certificate in HR management and adult education.